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Corporate Division
Our Corporate Division is made-up of 5 departments as follows:-
Finance & Accounting Department ("FAD")

This department oversees the day to day finance & accounting functions and risk management of the entire Company.

In addition, it also provides accounting services to other joint-venture companies as well as cash pooling services to related companies.

Business Administration Department ("BA")

This Department manages the Company day to day sales administrative operations carried out by all the sales departments including logistic arrangement, inventory input and sales activities monitoring.

In addition, it also serves as a hub to govern the entire business activities of the Company towards standardization, compliance and transparency.

Human Resource Department ("HRD")

This department provides the following HR functions to the Company:-

  1. Hiring of right individuals;
  2. Education and training to develop personnel capability;
  3. Provide effective policies, procedures and people-friendly guidelines that ensure compliance with all laws;
  4. Administering policies deployment, performance management, upgrading/promotion, compensation and benefits;
  5. Managing employee relations and handle staff-management bonding activities;
  6. Provide and promote a safe and healthy working environment;
  7. Promote teamwork with an eye toward overall optimization as an organization.

It is the mission of HRD to provide best support and work with the Company to accomplish the Company’s goals in promoting diversity. Additionally, HRD is devoted to support developing TTMSB as an inclusive “Be the Right ONE” – for you, for us and for future!

IT Department ("ITD")

This department is primary engaged in Corporate Compliance Governance, ITD members actively engaging all departments in an effort to promote information security awareness (ATSG) as well as IT Risk Reduction (ITRR). ITD is responsible for ensuring continuous total compliance to the security standards defined by our regional centre as well as Japan headquarters. ITD is also responsible for setup, maintenance and support for all IT infrastructures as well as business application system.

General Administration Department ("GAD")

This department oversees the following functions:-

  1. Legal & Corporate Secretarial services;
  2. Corporate Administration;
  3. Assist with new investment / projects & setting-up of new joint-venture companies; and
  4. Oversee the Company ISO 14001, COCE, BCP, quarterly bulletin, Company Profile / website etc.

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