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Global Parts & Logistics Division (GPLD)
Nature of Business
International trading of Automotive & Non-Automotive parts.
Carry out management as TTMSB’s assets until the delivery point to customer.
FIFO management and Just In Time (Kanban) delivery base on Toyota Production System (TPS)
Automotive accessory business.
Objectives to Customer
To reduce inventory.
To reduce logistic cost (Shipment Consolidation, Inventory Level, etc)
To support on financial activity (Cashflow, Forex Monitoring & Controlling, etc)
Major Products
Automotive car seat component parts and textile materials.
Automotive mufflers
Automotive interior and body parts
Automotive Block Cylinder
Automotive Shaft Assy Propeller
Automotive body Assy Throttle
Automotive Catalyst
Automotive Aircond Cooling Unit
Automotive Link Assy, Power Steering and Tube Assy Pressure Feed & Return.
Automotive new styling and development (aerokits, etc)
Car Aerokits Set Car Interior Products Car Exhaust System Car Catalyst
Major Function (V to V)
Vendor (Supplier, Local Supplier) Only V (Supplier) to V (Local Supplier)
  Activity   Objective
Utilization of Supplier Chain Management System / Warehouse Management System Inventory control (to have safety inventory level)
Practise consolidation of cargo Cost reduction in logistic (cash flow improvement)
Utilization of returnable rack Cost reduction in logistic (cash flow improvement)
Achieve more frequency and shipment with small lots Fully utlise shipment space & arrangement (stability in supply)
Monitor on Forex, the posibility of Forex options Financial support activity
<Normal packing>
One-way steel rack
Pallet packing

<After improvement>
returnable rack*TTC-G assets
Improve container filling ratio

" V endor to V endor = V ictory to V ictory"
Cargo Consolidation Warehouse Services Returnable Rack
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