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MD Message - Launching of COCE
I have today on the 1st of July 2016 the immense pleasure to present to you the 10 principles ‘Global Code of Conduct and Ethics’ (COCE), a minimum standard to which TTMSB and A company's all employees and executives including myself must comply. Please also make sure you read through the provided COCE booklet in order to get a deeper comprehension of the COCE 10 principles.

Before you start reading through, I strongly recommend that you have a look at the front cover. We have chosen for the COCE a logo that reminds us of the sun and adopted a slogan that reads “COCE, for the Future”, which shows that “as the shining sun is the source of energy for life, the COCE is the source of energy for the whole Toyota Tsusho Group.”

This slogan conveys a strong commitment towards the Toyota Tsusho group’s fundamental principle, i.e. “We strive for a Toyota Tsusho Group continuously growing hand in hand with society and heading towards the future entrusted with society’s trust and empathy through open and fair corporate activities.” In order for TTMSB to remain a company in which society puts its trust in, it is vital that each and every one of us thoroughly understand the COCE and promotes business activities with enhanced degree of honesty, integrity and fairness.

Please read carefully the COCE booklet from A to Z and understand its content and make it the engine of your actions. In Mid-July, for the purpose of farther implement, GAD will conduct briefing sessions in KLHQ, Bukit Raja & Bangi offices. All employees are kindly invited to attend the briefing sessions. After that, we’ll request all employees to submit a standard letter of commitment to the COCE. Whenever you face any ethical question in business, I strongly suggest that you open the COCE and your guidance should ‘be the right one’.

One more thing finally I wish you to do. Please promptly report to your boss/supervisor if any violation of the COCE you observe. If you feel a little timid about what you observed, please utilize whistle-blowing system or suggestion box. Definitely I welcome you to send e-mail or by verbally what you observed to me directly. I ensure that no retaliatory actions or treatment whatsoever will be taken against you because of the report you made in good faith.

As shown at Direction Launching, let’s build new TTMSB together.

Hitoshi Kitagawa
Managing Director
1st July 2016

On 1st July 2016 TTC launched its Global COCE and on the same date TTMSB adopted TTC Global COCE and launched it on the same day. GAD organized 7 briefing sessions (held at KLHQ, BRLC & Bangi office) to ensure all staff were duly brief and understand TTMSB COCE. After each briefing session attendants were required to sign and return a copy of the COCE commitment Letter.
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