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Safety & Health Activities
Driving Safety Awareness Briefing
Being a responsible employer TTMSB does its very best to ensure that all its employees shall always practice SAFETY in all aspect of works with full compliance with the Malaysia laws and regulations.

In line with this undersdtanding, Safety Team have conducted Safe Driving Awareness Briefing to all employees in KLHQ, BRLC and Bangi office on December 2016 and January 2017. We have handed over the message and badge from NIOSH to our Managing Director - Kitagawa san on 19-January 2017.

NIOSH : National Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health under Ministry of Human Resource
Basic Safety Briefing to New Employees
1st batch Basic Safety Briefing to 6 new employees on 21st December 2016. Our new staffs gain basics safety knowledge and information for TTGSS (Toyota Tsusho Global Safety Standard).
2nd batch Basic Safety Briefing to 2 new employees on 9th January 2017.
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